About Mrs. D’s Fiber Odyssey

I’m a fiber artist and mixed media sculptor who loves most of the fiber arts! I’ve been spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitting, tablet-weaving, tatting, and crocheting for over 45 years. I love to spin wool the most, but I also love spinning silk, bamboo, alpaca, mohair, llama, and chiengora. I weave mostly with my own hand-spun yarns, but I also try out other’s as well.

I knit tons of socks, mittens, hats, and shawls. I create 3 dimensional tree sculptures under my Trees of Diversity’s trademark. Cotton Candy? Yes, Please! can be seen on page 58 of the November 2012 edition of the Xanadu Art Gallery Catalog! I’ll be listing a few of them soon, in my Etsy shop. I’m always looking for venues to sell and/or showcase my tree sculptures.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrsDsFiberOdyssey

You can see the fiber items for sale here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MrsDsFiberOdyssey

Mrs. D’s Vintage Odd’s & Ends shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MrsDsVintage

We’re on Pinterest! https://MrsDsFiberOdyssey.pinterest.com


3 thoughts on “About Mrs. D’s Fiber Odyssey

  1. I really appreciate you showing the Dreagon’s Breath pattern. My question is how manu turns in which direction do you do to get this lovely pattern.

    • Is this in reference to the Dragon’s Breath Cowl that was featured on Knitty?? (http://knitty.com/ISSUEff15/PATTdragon/PATTdragon.php). If it is, then you will follow the chart/pattern, in the round, in the same direction (going left, if you’re right handed or going right, if you’re left handed). Please advise about whether or not this is the pattern you’re speaking of.

      • Nevermind. Mind not on tablet weaving. Mind is on knitting lately.
        I originally got the pattern from Guntram’s GTT webpage (https://www.guntram.co.za/tabletweaving/patterns/threaded_kivrim.html).

        The following Picks (rows) are for a band that is threaded and woven from the top down. These are the instructions that I followed for mine. (If you would like / or need, I can photograph the pattern and post it here. I’m unable to download the GTT generator from Guntram’s website as it comes back with a 404 error.

        Pick 1: All 22 cards Backwards (away from you)
        Pick 2: same as pick 1
        Pick 3: 1-5; 10-13; 18-22 backwards (away from you) and 6-9; 14-17 towards (towards you)
        Pick 4: same as pick 3
        Pick 5: 1-2; 21-22 backwards (away from you) and 3 – 20 towards
        Pick 6: same as pick 5
        Pick 7: 1-2; 6-9; 14-17; 21-22 backwards (away from you) and 3-5; 10-13; 18-20 towards
        Pick 8: same as pick 7
        Repeat these 8 picks (rows) until your band is as long as you want it.

        I hope this helps,
        Leigh D.

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